CFPB Amicus Brief

The Bureau filed an amicus brief addressing the Truth in Lending Act’s restriction on mandatory arbitration clauses in home loans and other agreements “relating to” home loans.

The Bureau argued that the restriction barred the defendant’s attempt to compel arbitration based on an arbitration clause that appeared not in the home-loan agreement itself but in a separate agreement with the consumer.

That agreement purported to provide the defendant with a means of making payment on the consumer’s home loan and thus “related to” the home loan.

A Baltimore jury found that a debt collection company charged consumers unjustly for money it didn’t deserve.

“What we asked the jury to do was to not just return the illegal money that was taken, but to also return the profits that were made from that money,” said Phillip Robinson, an attorney with the Consumer Law Center LLC.

Robinson said debt collection company LVNV Funding LLC re-invested the money collected from Maryland residents. “The jury did the right thing and found for damages,” Robinson said.

Workers Sue Marriott for Predatory Loans

Hourly workers are in the midst of a lawsuit against the hotel giant’s credit union, saying its $500 mini-loans lack transparency on their true cost.

Justice for Retired Police Officer

A mortgage broker violated state and federal law when arranging a “payment option” adjustable-rate mortgage costing thousands.

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